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Commercial Cleaning

Office Space

Cleaning Solutions for a Productive Workspace: 

We offer expert business cleaning solutions designed to support your business goals. We work with you to design a custom cleaning plan that focuses on the areas and cleaning tasks that you feel need the most attention. We estimate every facility individually to ensure the best possible price and the highest quality results.

  • Recurring cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Retail cleaning

  • One time cleaning

  • Deep cleaning

  • Post construction cleanup

More Details About
Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Our Proven Cleaning Processes for Business

Let your employees focus on their normal tasks and let the professionals handle your office cleaning checklist. We design every cleaning plan based on your needs, though most facilities ask our teams of trained experts to focus on tasks like:

  • Vacuuming carpets and flooring

  • Mopping tile floors

  • Dusting desks, shelving, and flat surfaces

  • Disinfecting surfaces, especially high-touch items like doorknobs and conference tables

  • Emptying wastebaskets

  • Cleaning employee and guest restrooms


Our Commitment to Safe and Sustainable Cleaning Practices

We're dedicated to helping you find the right balance between protecting the environment and maintaining a clean, healthy environment. That's why we use eco-friendly cleaning products upon request and follow other company standards like:

  • Using non-toxic cleaning supplies whenever possible

  • Avoiding products with petroleum, ammonia, and alcohol

  • Diluting bleach to safe levels

We Clean with Safe and Responsible Products

We believe our products are the safest way to disinfect your ofice, but we will always strive to meet your needs. For some clients, that means restricting the use of certain cleaning solutions or disinfectants to specific rooms or areas of your office. Nontoxic cleaning practices upon request are a part of the personalized cleaning plan we create with every client so that our team focuses on the areas that need professional attention. 

Let’s Start Working Together!

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